Chinsurah Sense Society

We work for intervention and social rehabilitation of persons with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.
Reg. No. S/2L/61582 of 2016-17

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Fight for people with Autism

A society for education, nurture, support and empowerment of children with special needs to develop and practice inclusive education attitudes, approaches and strategies.

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Discovering Abilities

Provides structured teaching method and visual schedule, which is widely used in the whole world for teaching the students with autism.

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Valorising Social Roles

Strive for social inclusion through our various activities

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Discovering abilities and valorising social roles


Key Points

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Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests in children by the age of 3.
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It has a debilitating effect in the areas of communication, socialization, cognition, imagination and intuitive thought, and it severely inhibits a child’s repertoire of interests and social interaction.
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The degree may vary from mild to very severe and is hence it is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. At the lower end it is known as Classic Autism and at the upper end it is called Asperger Syndrome
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About 1 in 54 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.
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World Autism Awareness Day
World Autism Awareness Day is internationally recognised on the 2nd of April.
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Our Motivation
A society that cares the interdependence and freedom of people of every ability as valuable and enriching, and seeks to provide equal opportunities for all.
our strategy

We follow two major strategies

for enhancing the perceived value of the social roles of a person with Autism, as suggested by SRV, (a) enhancement of the social image of person with autism in the eyes of others, and (b) enhancement of their competencies, in the widest sense of the term, so that image enhancement and competency enhancement form a positive feedback loop. A person with autism is generally competencyimpaired, so is highly at risk of suffering image-impairment. A person who is impaired in image is likely to be responded to by others in ways that delimit or reduce his competency further.

Our Domains of Action

We carry out our role-valorizing actions

in the image-enhancement or competency-enhancement domains on four levels:

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  1. individual level of persons with autism (or intellectual disabilities)
  2. Individual's primary social systems, i.e., the family level
  3. the intermediate social level, such as, neighbourhood, community services the person with autism can receive
  4. the larger society and for social rights of persons with autism.

We try to arrange physical and social conditions in personal level, primary and intermediate social systems that are likely to enhance positive perceptions of persons with autism and enhance their competency. Apart from our institutional services, we involve parents to participate in various social programs that help others to have a positive view of their children and that help their children to acquire skills needed to participate positively in the community. Thus, it is more likely that children will be well-integrated into the community. We try to follow age-appropriate approach towards children /adults with autism and try to avoid things which reinforce their role-stereotype as "eternal children", such as, referring to adults as children, engaging adults in children's activities, and so on.

Testimonial 1
Dr. Suniti Chakraborty
Paediatrician & Autism Researcher, UK

Chinsurah SENSE Society values participation of children with special need, parents, professionals and other well-wishers from the society in the rehabilitation program.

Testimonial 1
Indrani Basu
Founder director of Autism society of West Bengal, India

Chinsurah SENSE society is serving society.

Testimonial 1
Amrita Roy Chowdhury
Founder Director, Transcendent knowledge society
Friend and mentor

SENSE is that change in & wishes for the entire team and so happy to be associated with SENSE.

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Garbati Amra Koyekjon Club, Garbati, Kundugoli, P.O. Buroshibtola, Chinsurah, Dist. Hooghly, WB, India

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